The best journeys always take us home” World travelers, artists, and seekers of all things beautiful, Leif Wold and Danielle Rubio created HOM designs from the philosophy that everything is born from beauty and it is how we choose to view the world that makes the difference.  When Leif, a renowned painter, designer and woodworker and Danielle, a jewelry designer and yoga teacher, created HOM, they chose to do so with their shared insight that “the best journeys always take us home.” Home is the realness we experience when we are quiet, alert and knowing that all is well- no matter where we are or what we are doing or what is happening around us. It is not a place but rather an easeful way of being. The essence of this way of life can be seen and felt in all of the HOM creations from their jewelry, to their home decor line, to their art. When purchasing a hand-made ring or an all natural dyed and natural fabric rug or bed cover, you’re invited to treasure these pieces as reminders that life is always beautiful and you are always at HOMe, as HOM.